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3 free tools for developers


Those tools made my life easier throughout my career, so I am hoping those versions developed by me will make someone’s life easier too.

What would you ever need those tools for

Base64 encoder / decoder

Developers often use Base64? to obfuscate, shorten and embed data, and I’ve lost the count of how many times I had to decode Base64 data to debug errors in a code, crack programs and even recover obfuscated credentials.

Hash calculator

SHA1? and MD5? algorithms nowadays are mostly used for checking files integrity, but some legacy systems with outdated security routines may still use those for password hashing. So every once in a while I need to create a new hash to update a user password so I may login into a program.

URL encoder / decoder

Sometimes across the web we find URLs that have other data encoded within their query strings? – and this data can even store another encoded URL!

While a seasoned developer could easily decode the data with some hand work, a good developer is a lazy one. So to my eyes, any automation is welcome.

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